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Código Producto: SAMSUNG 840 SERIES 120GB
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Samsung 840 Series 120GB SSD

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  • Offers boot-up times as quick as 10 seconds
  • Allows you to breathe new life into an aging PC--enhancing boot speeds and application performance
  • AES 256-bit full disk encryption for ultimate data security
  • Provides up to 50 minutes longer laptop battery life than standard HDDs*
  • Includes Samsung Data SmartMigration software
  • Three-year warranty

Samsung 840 Series SSDSamsung 840 Series SSDSamsung 840 Series SSD

The Single Best Upgrade for your PC

Upgrading your PC with a Samsung 840 is the most economical way to breathe new life into an aging PC. The 840 reads, writes, and multi-tasks at incredible speeds, enhancing boot-up, application loading, and multi-tasking performance. It's more than an upgrade--it's a complete transformation of your PC. This SSD has a capacity of 120 GB.

Smoother Performance and Faster Boot-Up

The 840 reads, writes, and multi-tasks at incredible speeds, giving you performance you never thought possible from your PC. Its blazing-fast performance is optimized to improve everyday PC productivity, including web browsing, email, multimedia, and gaming. In addition, the 840 Series SSD enables your PC to boot up in as little as 10 seconds.

Carefully Engineered and Fully Encrypted to Protect Data

Engineered for reliability, the 840 Series SSD gives you the latest in Samsung memory technology with the highest-quality manufacturing standards. The 840 is made from 100% Samsung components, the world's #1 memory manufacturer.

And the 840 has no moving parts, which means no hard drive spin-ups, no noise, and superior data protection. To further protect your data, this SSD offers AES 256-bit full disk encryption for worry-free data security.

Sleek, Lightweight, and Energy Efficient

At only 7 millimeters thick and weighing just 2 ounces, the 840 Series SSD has a thin, lightweight design that can make your laptop lighter to carry.

And because it contains no moving parts, the ultra-energy-efficient design consumes significantly less battery power, and allows you to enjoy up to 50 minutes longer laptop battery life than a standard hard disk drive (HDD) or competitor SSD.* This product also supports Device Sleep mode for Microsoft Windows 8 to help reduce power consumption.

Simple Data Migration

Samsung's Smart Data Migration software is included to make it safe and easy to migrate your data and operating system from your existing drive to the 840 Series SSD.

Product and Warranty Details

This SSD has a usable capacity of 120 GB, offers 256 MB of Samsung DDR2 SDRAM cache memory, and has a SATA 6b/s interface that is also backwards compatible with SATA 3 Gb/s and SATA 1.5 Gb/s. It measures 7.00 by 69.85 by 100.00 millimeters (H x W x D) and weighs 62.5 grams.

The 840 Series SSD is backed by a three-year warranty.

Package Contents

840 Series SSD, Samsung Data SmartMigration Software, Samsung SSD Magician software, manual CD, and quick user manual.

Samsung 840 Series SSD
Samsung 840 Series SSD
Capacity 120 GB 250 GB 500 GB
Drive Only MZ-7TD120BW MZ-7TD250BW MZ-7TD500BW
Drive and Installation Kit** MZ-7TD120KW MZ-7TD250KW MZ-7TD500KW
Type of Drive Solid State Drive (SSD)
Form Factor 2.5-inch (Reduced 7mm thickness for use with ultraportables and netbooks)
For Use With Desktop and laptop PCs (including ultraportables and netbooks)
Interface SATA 6Gbits/s (backwards compatible with SATA 3Gbits/s and SATA 1.5Gbits/s)
Random Read Speeds 86K IOPS 96K IOPS 98K IOPS
Sequential Read/Write Speeds 530 MB/s / 130 MB/s 540 MB/s / 250 MB/s 540 MB/s / 330 MB/s
Controller 3-Core Samsung MDX Controller
Type of NAND Flash 2xnm Samsung Toggle DDR 2.0 NAND Flash Memory (400Mbps)
Type of Cache 256MB Samsung LPDDR2 SDRAM 512MB Samsung LPDDR2 SDRAM
Included Software Samsung Magician 4.x, Samsung Smart Data Migration software
** Installation Kit also includes 3.5" bracket with screws, SATA data and power cables, mounting spacer, and SATA to USB adapter cable
Dimensions 0.28 by 2.75 by 3.94 in. (H x W x D)
Warranty 3-Year Limited


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