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Código Producto: PANZER-S
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Lots of Space, Lots of Choices


COUGAR PANZER gives you the room to choose among the most popular motherboard formats (Mini ITX / Micro ATX / ATX / CEB), allowing you to move your existing computer into it or choose the best parts for your next build.


7 expansion slots will allow you to install up to 3 graphics cards (with a length of up to 425mm) and enjoy the latest games. 4K resolution and VR are possible with PANZER!


Lots of games and multimedia files require storage, and PANZER delivers what you need. With support for up to six SSD drives (or optionally four SSD and two 3.5” HDD), PANZER will allow you to store all your files.


Plenty of Cooling

Up to 4 radiators, 8 fans, and 3D meshed cover design will cool your gaming beast. This incredible support will allow you to build your computer as powerful as you want without having to worry about overheating.

Water cooling radiator support
Air cooling support
Clean Design for Storage
Steel HDD/SSD trays are placed behind the motherboard tray without disrupting the airflow or interfering with the radiator cooling.PANZER

Superb Design

With military inspired strong frames and 3D honeycomb-meshed design works to create a unique and stylish COUGAR gaming case. Not to mention a cover for the power supply and two fully transparent tempered glass side covers that shows off your aesthetically clean build.

  • panzer
    Military inspired solid and strong frames
  • panzer
    Power Supply Cover with Stylish COUGAR Logo
  • panzer
    Fully Transparent Tempered Glass Side Covers
  • panzer
    4 USB Ports (including 2 USB 3.0 ports)
  • panzer
    3D Honeycomb-meshed Design
  • panzer
    Steel HDD/SSD trays cleanly placed behind the motherboard tray

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