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COUGAR Gaming Mouse Pad - SPEED 2 series

  • COUGAR Gaming Mouse Pad - SPEED 2 series
    Smooth Texture: Ultra-Fast Gaming

    COUGAR SPEED 2 has been designed to present a smooth texture that allows you to execute fast movements and still keep everything under control. A glorious mouse gliding experience awaits you with COUGAR Speed.

  • COUGAR Gaming Mouse Pad - SPEED 2 series
    Supreme Comfort

    COUGAR SPEED 2`s 5mm thickness provides the right level of support and comfort for long periods of gaming. Thick enough to provide a stable surface independently of what lies behind it, and thin enough to avoid giving the feel of playing on a platform.

  • COUGAR Gaming Mouse Pad - SPEED 2 series
    Wave Shaped Anti-Slip Rubber Base

    COUGAR SPEED 2´s rubber base has been especially designed to guarantee that it stays firmly where it should be, even when fast and harsh movements are taking place over the mouse pad. This is achieved through a wave-shaped design that manages to receive the kinetic energy from your movements without affecting the general position of the pad.

  • Water Proof + Battle-proof: superior durability

    With its stitched border and its water resistance, this mouse pad will keep performing flawlessly in the harshest of environments. In the heat of battle you cannot afford to be gentle; we know it and designed SPEED 2 to withstand all kinds of punishments, from liquid spills to harsh movements.

  • Compatible with Laser and Optical Mice

    COUGAR SPEED 2´s surface has been optimized for high quality sensors and thoroughly tested both with optical and laser gaming mice. With COUGAR SPEED 2, you know that you are getting the most out of your sensor.

  • Soft Cloth Material for Enhanced Portability

    COUGAR SPEED 2 combines a high quality cloth surface with a rubber base, which provides a high degree of portability without sacrificing quality and durability.

  • Four Different Sizes Available

    To suit all gamers' needs, COUGAR SPEED 2 is provided in multiple sizes (small, medium, large and extra large). All gamers will have a mouse pad that suits them.

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